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 Shiki Murasaki

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PostSubject: Shiki Murasaki   Shiki Murasaki Icon_minitime1Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:35 am

Shiki Murasaki FNkFZdT

Duelist ID Card

[Deck Name:]
Shiki Murasaki
Prophetic Reading

[Hair Color:]
[Eye Color:]
100 lbs


At first glance, Shiki looks like a stoic individual, quiet and unmoved by the things around her. Taciturn as she is, she often takes the role of an onlooker and observer of the world around her, not willing to move it or intervene should she see things occur. Her distant gaze and lack of facial expression make her appear "ghostlike", and on many occasions she's disturbed bystanders and acquaintances with her eerily calm nature. She's a strong believer of fate and she knows that by accepting fate, she is able to accept any trial that comes her way. This often makes her appear level-headed and patient, and when in need of counsel, she resorts to what she calls less of a hobby if not a practice of life: divinity reading. The daughter of a shinto priest, Shiki was taught at a young fate that the world was moved by divines and whatever happened was often the will of the heavens. She could only merely witness and experience the world, but fate was sealed. Her strong belief in the divine led her to relying on divination through the use of tarot cards or runic stones, thinking that the things she saw were what the heavens wanted her to see, and thus let her know what was coming her way. Whaver does come her way, she rarely stops as a result.

Despite her serious nature, though, Shiki is still very much a child at heart. She adores cute things and sweets, and when she sees either, she won't hesitate to ask if she could pet the cute animal hug the stuff toy, or have a taste of treats. Even if she doesn't show much emotion, it is suggested that Shiki is bothered sometimes by the things that happens around her, and her ways of telling others are often subtle signs of distress such as fidgeting with her fingers, making paper cranes, or clutching onto the fabric of her clothes.

Perhaps the one kind of conflict Shiki has most trouble handling are interpersonal ones. It makes her anxious when people are fighting or arguing, and when it is her friends in particular, she worries that the bonds that have been formed will break and it is out of her control. She may sometimes try to be the voice of reason, but will often rarely say much on the matter and just withdraw from the conflict herself. This is because Shiki values friends dearly as they often bring something interesting to the world she considers far too predictable.
Character History

[Important Individuals:]
Shiro and Shion Murasaki (Parents)/center]
Coco (dog)
Yuki (rabbit)


Main Deck


  • Fool of Prophecy
  • High Priestess of Prophecy
  • Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
  • Emperor of Prophecy
  • Amores of Prophecy
  • Charioteer of Prophecy
  • Strength of Prophecy
  • Hermit of Prophecy
  • Wheel of Prophecy
  • Justice of Prophecy
  • Stoic of Prophecy
  • Reaper of Prophecy
  • Temperance of Prophecy
  • Prophecy Destroyer
  • World of Prophecy
  • Necroface
  • Effect Veiler
  • Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
  • Magical Exemplar
  • Marshmallon
  • The Tricky
  • Royal Magic Library
  • Magician of Faith

  • The Grand Spellbook Tower
  • Spellbook Star Hall
  • Spellbook Library of the Crescent
  • Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere
  • Spellbook of Judgment
  • Spellbook of Eternity
  • Spellbook of Fate
  • Magical Dimension
  • Secret Village of the Spellcasters
  • The Grand Spellbook Tower
  • Spellbook of Life
  • Spellbook of Power
  • Spellbook of Knowledge
  • Spellbook of Secrets
  • Spellbook of Wisdom
  • Wonder Wand

  • Hidden Spellbook
  • Dark Renewal

Extra Deck


  • Fusions here

  • Synchro here

  • Empress of Prophecy

Card Collection

  • This part remains blank at initial character creation

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Shiki Murasaki
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