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 Akiha Ichikawa

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PostSubject: Akiha Ichikawa   Akiha Ichikawa Icon_minitime1Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:14 am

Akiha Ichikawa 3595_izhGkvh6

Duelist ID Card

[Deck Name:]
Akiha Ichikawa
Goodnight Army

[Hair Color:]
[Eye Color:]
110 lbs
Mint green
Mint green
Character History

[Important Individuals:]
Minamitsuru District,
Yamanashi Prefecture
Naoshi Ichikawa (Father)
Mika Ichikawa (Mother)
Shinsha Ichikawa (Older sister)
Nami Ichikawa (Older sister)
Homura Ichikawa (Older sister)

Being the youngest in her family, Akiha is enthusiastic, childish, and relatively spoiled. She's not afraid to speak her mind or protest when she's not a fan of what someone's saying or hates something she has to do. She speaks to her elders quite bluntly, and has a penchant for making jabs at people and complaining. Despite her energy, she likes nothing better than to laze around in the sun, often taking refuge in a field with grass where she can hide herself and avoid chores and homework. Her lack of self-awareness also gives her the tendency to be overly confident in herself and when she receives compliments her eyes shine with a unique luster as she takes things said (even those said sarcastically) quite to heart.

She's a fan of dueling as she grew up watching her sisters in admiration. Despite being told she doesn't have the brain for it nor the patience, she dreams of nothing more than to battle with her own cards someday, even if she was handed down one of the weaker decks by her siblings. Akiha's quick to commit to new things she finds interesting, but is also easy to complain about them when things get rough. Regardless, her desire to prove herself helps her pull through whatever task is handed to her...even if that task is done poorly.

Still young at heart, Akiha's candidness does have its good points. She's not afraid to tell people what she thinks is wrong or if she thinks certain actions won't have good outcomes. Despite her lack of self-awareness, she's rather perceptive of what others think of her and what others are going through. While hating work, she does want to help out in the way she can, and her desire to be the best is often with the intention of being with her sisters.

While Akiha has a lot of faults, her sunny disposition and lack of pretension might one day help her.
Main Deck


  • Fluffal Bear
  • Fluffal Cat
  • Fluffal Dog
  • Fluffal Mouse
  • Fluffal Owl
  • Fluffal Octopus
  • Fluffal Penguin
  • Fluffal Patchwork
  • Fluffal Rabbit
  • Fluffal Sheep
  • Fluffal Wings
  • Edge Imp Chain
  • Edge Imp Frightfuloid
  • Edge Imp Sabres
  • Edge Imp Saw
  • Edge Imp Tomahawk
  • King of the Swamp
  • Fusion Parasite
  • The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion
  • Mystical Sheep #1

  • Frightfur Factory
  • Frightfur Fusion
  • Frightfur Patchwork
  • Frightfur Reborn
  • Suture Rebirth
  • Toy Vendor
  • Fusion Recycling Plant
  • Fusion Recovery
  • Fusion Substitute
  • Fusion Conscription
  • Polymerization
  • Scapegoat
  • One for One

  • Designer Frightfur
  • Fluffal Crane
  • Frightfur March
  • Fusion Fright Waltz
  • Evenly Matched
  • Fusion Reserve
  • A Rival Appears!

Extra Deck


  • Frightfur Bear

  • N/A

  • N/A

Card Collection

  • This part remains blank at initial character creation

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Akiha Ichikawa
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